About Ontario East

Ontario East Economic Development Commission (OEEDC) is a not-for-profit regional marketing organization, mandated to help facilitate the attraction of new businesses and jobs to the region, and promote skills development and workforce development opportunities to the region's residents, employers, and job seekers to continue the region's economic competitiveness in both domestic and global markets.

Ontario East members include economic developers, businesses, municipalities, educational institutions, and workforce development organizations from all ten cities, thirteen counties, and their townships, east of the Greater Toronto Area to the Quebec border, north to Algonquin Park. 

Ontario East supports all employment sectors with a special focus on key sectors like, food and beverage processing, advanced manufacturing and technology, logistics and transportation. 

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Ontario East and Workforce Development

Ontario East’s goal is to promote:

  • the region’s skilled workforce, strong economic performance, and competitive operating costs to employers and investors
  • the region’s many training and educational institutions and employment opportunities to job seekers
  • the economic strength of the region to global markets.

Ontario East has created a number of workforce development projects to achieve these goals.