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So, Why Does the Skilled Trades Committee Exist, Anyway?

We're so glad you asked!

Ontario East wanted to create a tool that gives people interested in skilled trades the assurance that at the start of their career (and throughout their career) their knowledge in the industry and trade they choose can always be repurposed and leveraged to improve their lives, even as their needs and abilities change, potentially on a global scale.

The Skilled Trades Committee was created to bring this tool to the eastern Ontario region. 

What Tool Are We Trying to Create?

A map of transferable skills between skilled trades for "second careers", "ability/disability" changes, or "K to Gray" interest changes. 

Who Should Use This Tool?

We are creating this tool for people who are thinking about going into the skilled trades can see the options available to them in the future.

This tool is for everyone: for those in the skilled trades and those advising on the skilled trade workforce in the region.

Who Is Helping Build The Tool?

Should you be on the Skilled Trades Committee with us? We'd love to have you.


Who Is Missing from the Skilled Trades Committee?

Maybe you!