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Eastern Ontario Is Beyond Compare. Here's Why:

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Find Out What's Happening In and Around Eastern Ontario!

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Job Seekers, Get Resources to Help Your Job Search!

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Which Committee Should You Join?

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How to Include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Efforts In Your Workplace 

DEI in your workplace


Employers: You Want to Work with International Students

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International Students: Eastern Ontario Welcomes You!

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LMI Help Desks In the Region Are Here to Help

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Why Should You Make the Move to Eastern Ontario? Find Out Here 👇

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Here's Every Skills Training Program in Eastern Ontario

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Find Skills Training Programs In Your Region

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New Canadians: Live, Learn, and Work in Eastern Ontario

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Employers: Get Help With Recruitment

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Meet the Hidden Workforce

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9 Skills Training Programs Employers Can Invest in Now

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Update: How Does Quality of Life in Eastern Ontario Compare to Large Urban Centres

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Read the Strategic Plan 

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How to Prepare for the Jobs of the Future

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How Does Quality of Life in Eastern Ontario Compare to Large Urban Centres?

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Here's How to Invest in the Future of the Manufacturing Workforce

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Employers: Attract the Next Generation of Talent to Manufacturing

Career in Manufacturing E-book


Learn About the EOMWDP Strategic Plan

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Read the EOMWDP Literature Review

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Upskilling: How to Keep Up with an Evolving Workplace

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Discover High Tech Career Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

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The Launch: Learn How to Relocate to Eastern Ontario and Launch Your Career

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Reap the Benefits of Manufacturing Job Fairs!

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STUFF Magazine: Watch the Video

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